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Victorinox Pastry Knife Review

While there are plenty of knives to give you hand in hand for all your kitchen works, a knife will be always better for dealing with some bakery and oven products. In that manner, the Pastry knife from Victorinox is a good idea on the desk for people who are willing to do all the things with just a single thing in their hand. Seeing as the top manufacturers of knives in the world since 1884, they just demand its durability in your kitchen and surprises you with its work all the time. The following review will let you know more about this knife.

At a glance:

This is a perfectly designed knife to cut all types of breads and oven products quickly and easily. Not only breads and bakery things, these are also suitable for cutting meats, fish, vegetables and other things you need to.

Design features:

The Victorinox Pastry Knife (Product code: 5.2933.26) has a measurement of 10 inches which is quite good to keep in hand while cutting. You can have a quick and secured cutting process without getting your hands hurt. It is also not that heavy so you can feel free while you are performing.

About the blades:

The blades of this knife are made from high quality stainless steel. Basically, blades made of stainless steel are easy to maintain and they are safe against corrosion and rust formation as well. Moreover, these knives has sharp serrated edges which is slightly higher on the handle side. So you will really enjoy your cutting tasks.

Victorinox Pastry Knife

The handles:

The handles are made of Nylon Fibrox which provides you a fine grip and a perfect balance. They are black in colour and just adds up the versatility for a divine look and a stylish make.

Dishwasher safe:

The Victorinox Pastry Knife is absolutely safe to use with dishwashers. However, with the stainless steel blades cleaning them by hands is also made very easy. But do always remember to pat dry the blades and handles of the knife for a long-lasting life.


This pastry knife is a good addition to your kitchen that really makes your kitchen tasks a bit easier and quicker. Being with the regular knives to cut meat or fish or vegetables, this pastry knife takes up the charge for handling with breads having even large and very thick crusts, oven products and all types of bakery items too on the table. With the long serrated sharp edges there is no need of putting too much effort to cut things. The stainless steel blades and the nylon fibrox handles make this knife completely safe to use with dishwashers. Finally to conclude, a brilliant purchase worth the money spent on it.

Kitchen Devils Lifestyle Multi purpose Knife 302418 Review

Kitchen Devils, a well versed brand of kitchenware looks forward in offering high quality products all the time. With the honor of manufacturing high quality products, they offer a wide range of kitchenware that are meant for everyday use. The Kitchen Devils Lifestyle Multipurpose Knife in that manner is a brilliant knife suitable for all purposes. With a very sharp and durable blade performing your tasks in kitchen is as easy as ever. You need not spend a lot of time cutting vegetables and fruits for preparing food while these knives ultimately save your cooking time. Continue reading the review to know more about this multipurpose knife.

In brief:

This multipurpose knife can be used for cutting, slicing and peeling fruits and vegetables and they work well with green leaves as well.  A neat and attractive knife, it is ideal for daily use.


The Kitchen Devils Lifestyle Multipurpose Knife (Product Code: 302418) measures about 9 cm in length and they are much light to use with. It has a well sharpened serrated edge to make your process a little easier. With these sharp edges you will be able to cut all types of soft and hard fruits and vegetables easily. They are also perfect for slicing breads and onions with ease. Generally, blades made from stainless steel are free from corrosion and they do not get rust easily.  This knife being made of high quality stainless steel blade is highly corrosion resistant and also features a long lasting sharpness.

Safe Grip Handles:

Handles are the most important feature to look for in a knife. Only if the handles are comfortable and safe, the knives are considered good. Accordingly, this multipurpose knife comes with a comfortable and hygienic handle. The polypropylene handles are well moulded into the blades and they provide you an excellent balance while cutting things. You are less likely to slip them off as you can have a firm grip on the handles when slicing or cutting hard fruits and vegetables. They are very strong and it ensures durability as well.

Dishwasher safe:

This knife is safe to use on a dishwasher. But remember to be more cautious when placing or removing these knives from a dishwasher because they really have very sharp edges. After every wash remove the knife from the dishwasher and dry it with a neat cloth.

Manufacturer Guarantee:

The manufacturer offers 10 years guarantee for this multipurpose knife against its manufacturing defects, from the original date of purchase.


The Kitchen Devils Lifestyle Multipurpose Knife 302418 is undeniably a must for every household. A small and sturdy knife this is suitable for almost all kitchen tasks like cutting and slicing fruits and vegetables. With a high quality stainless steel blade these knives feature an outstanding quality. Holding them in your hands is merely a breeze while it ensures a safe and secured grip all through. On the whole, this is a highly recommended fantastic product for an affordable price.

Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife Review

Joseph Bentley is a wonderful maker of high quality garden tools in the market for over 100 years and their range of traditional garden tools feature a customized look and an ergonomic feel of quality. The following review is about the Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife, an excellent addition to their wide range of garden tools. These are of great use when you are opting for a tool that clean cuts and prune roses, small shrubs and the like in your favourite garden. Continue reading the review to know more about this pruning knife.

Design Features:

The Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife (Product Code: JBY0277) is a very simple and useful garden tool that can be used for pruning roses, small shrubs and every live green wood things in your garden. Having a length of 23 cm, they are large enough to hold comfortably in your hands while you are less likely to drop them off or hurt your hands while pruning. They also look immensely stylish to provide you the feel of awe!

Carbon steel blade:

The blades of this knife is made from a high grade Carbon Stainless Steel. Not to mention, stainless steel blades are exclusively as sharp as they could be and does the need without having to put much effort. This pruning knife is simply great in its sharpness and cuts even small grasses and shrubs pretty easily. And moreover, these blades are hinged so that you can easily store them in your pockets safely.

About the oak handles:

The handles of this knife are really well built with an oak wood ensuring strength and durability. They provide a firm grip all over and has a smooth touch to perform your work quickly.

Safety lock mechanism:

This pruning knife features a safety lock mechanism whereby they can be easily stored in the pockets for an effortless and a safe carry. Also, they prevent the knife from closing whilst you are using it. However, you need very strong fingers to unlock this which is something very difficult at times.

Manufacturer Guarantee:

The manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee for this pruning knife, against its manufacturing defects and faults from the original date of purchase.


This Pruning Knife is an excellent gardening tool from the Joseph Bentley’s collection of gardening tools. Featuring a strong oak handle along with the carbon stainless steel blade, the knife is super sharp and is simply the best for pruning roses, small shrubs and working with all the live green woods. The safety lock mechanism and the hinged blade makes the knife very easy for storage and comfortable to use. On the whole, this pruning knife is a very useful gardening tool that you will adore using them in your lovely garden.

Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Joseph Bentley
Model Name Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife
Product code JBY0277
Length of knife 23 cm
Material Carbon steel blades
Handle Strong oak handle
Highlight features Safety lock mechanism
Hinged blade ideal for easy storage
Best use Clean cut, Pruning of roses, Small shrubs & all live green wood
Manufacturer Guarantee Lifetime guarantee

Victorinox 671133G 3 Piece Paring Knife Set Review

The Victorinox 671133G 3 Piece Paring Knife set features a stylish and innovative design in combination with the high quality stainless steel blades for added durability and providing mind blowing performances in your kitchen. Being made by Victorinox, one of the leading manufacturers of knife in the world since 1884, there are no second thoughts for the quality it comes with. With over 120 years of experience, Victorinox knives are the top choices of professional chefs and home makers globally. The following review will let you know how they perform their work easily in your kitchen.


This knife set looks much simple and elegant, but they tend to do their work perfectly each and every time. They are neatly arranged in a gift box, so these are also ideal for making gifts to your beloved ones. They seem much professional and for sure they will look great for any modular kitchen.

Design features:

The Victorinox 3 Piece Paring Knife Set (Product Code: 671133G) gives you excellent performance for all your cutting and slicing tasks. You would definitely feel pride having them in your kitchen and your work is now no more a chore. They are very well made and it strives to maintain its quality even after several years of use. Also, they are very light in weight thus adding comfortability while you are cutting fruits, vegetables and meats whatever it may be.

About the blades:

The blades of this knife set are made of a high quality molybdenum stainless steel and also they are ice hardened in order to have razor sharp edges. These edges ensure strength and durability and you will just love peeling and slicing all types of fruits and vegetables with it.

About the handles:

The handles are built with a fine quality polypropylene, ensuring comfortability and a fine grip. They are very well made and they provide you a secure and safe performance all the time you work with it. So there is no need of worrying about hurting your hands and slipping them down at any case.

Box contents:

The knife set comes with 3 pieces of knives totally consisting of

  • 8 cm Paring Knife
  • 11 cm Tomato & Sausage Knife
  • 8 cm Utility Knife.

Care & Use:

These knives can be re-sharpened again for a long term use. So always use steel when you want to re-sharpen the blades. You should also maintain the sharp cutting edges of the blades to perform your tasks pretty easily. Always store these knives away from other kitchen tools so that you can avoid damaging of the blade edges.

Dishwasher safe:

These knives are absolutely safe to use with dishwashers. But do always pat dry the knife thoroughly after every wash for a long term use.

Manufacturer Guarantee:

The manufacturer provides a 25 year guarantee for this knife set against its manufacturing defects from the original date of purchase.


If you are the one who want to make your kitchen tasks quite easy and quick, then the Victorinox 671133G 3 Piece Paring Knife Set is your right choice. The high quality stainless steel super sharp blades in accordance with the ergonomically designed comfort grip handles makes this knife set a perfect purchase. They are neatly packed in a gift box so these are also ideal for making gifts. On the whole, a very useful knife that can be used for your entire kitchen works.

Kitchen Devil Lifestyle Vegetable Knife Review

The Kitchen Devil Lifestyle Vegetable knife is a very versatile knife ideal for day to day use. Kitchen devil products have been the choice of every household since many years. Their products feature a high quality range and stands for a long term use. This knife is an excellent kitchen tool for all of your kitchen purposes. They are well built, sturdy and can be used for cutting, slicing, peeling and shredding all types of fruits and vegetables.


This knife at the first look seems very classy and suits any modular kitchen. It is so simple that you will enjoy cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables. The knife is so small and handy so holding the knife is not at all a chore here.

Design features:

The Kitchen Devil Lifestyle Vegetable Knife (Product code: 302412) is a very stunning and versatile tool ideal for everyday use. A very lightweight knife this can be used for peeling, cutting, slicing and mincing fruits and vegetables. Also they are much easy to use around your kitchen with small things like onions, carrots, apples, etc. It fits perfectly in your hands as the ration between the blade and the handle is well balanced for peeling and cutting small vegetables. These ranges of knives come with a variety of serrated, hollow ground and scalloped blades whereby you can perform various tasks for various purposes.

About the blades and handles:

The blades of this knife are manufactured using high quality stainless steel. Generally, blades made of stainless steel are very sharp and stands for strength and long lastingness. So these blades are super sharp and you will certainly enjoy cutting things with no much effort. The handles are made of moulded polypropylene with a Matt polish finish for added convenience. They are very hygienic and remain soft and comfortable for every touch. Also they provide you a well balanced grip for a safer performance.

Dishwasher safe:

This Kitchen Devil 302412 vegetable knife is safe to use on dishwashers. However, soon after the wash, the manufacturer recommends to dry the knife with a clean dry cloth.

Manufacturer Guarantee:

The Kitchen Devil Lifestyle Vegetable Knife is covered under a manufacturer guarantee of 10 years against its manufacturing defects, from the original date of purchase.


Are you the one who wants to make everything quite easy and valuable? Then definitely this knife is an amazing add on for you. It goes hand in hand with strength and durability and stands for long lastingness. The pleasant look, super sharp stainless steel blades, comfortable and safe grip handles make this product a precious one. On the whole, an excellent knife available at an affordable cost.

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